Minnesota-Japan Ties Hit New Milestone

by Nina Geller
In 2015, St. Paul and Nagasaki celebrated the 60th anniversary of their sister city relationship, just one of the many ties Minnesota shares with Japan.

US Cheese Producers Meet High Demand in South Korea

by Cheolwoo Lee
US cheese exports to South Korea surged to almost $200 million, marking an almost six-fold increase in the three years since the KORUS FTA went into effect.

Environmental Issues Central to California-China Partnerships

by Nina Geller
California’s Memoranda of Understanding with China on bilateral environmental cooperation could serve as the model for the United States and China to achieve their national emissions reduction targets.

Australian Olive Oil Company Extends a Branch to California

by Melissa Newcomb
Australian company Boundary Bend Olives recognized the potential of domestically producing olive oil for Americans and established the first olive growing lab in California. Americans consumed about 300,000 tons of olive oil in 2013, but most of that supply is imported

Asian Markets Essential for Maine

by Melissa Newcomb
From seafood to wild berries, Maine’s high quality food stuffs are growing in popularity overseas, and four of the five largest export markets for Maine are all Asian countries.