China and US States Raise a Glass to New Dairy Partnerships

by Sarah Wang
With China expected to become the world’s largest market for dairy products by 2017, US dairy companies are racing to secure contracts for exports and research opportunities to help China improve its domestic dairy production.

Autumn in Asia: Governors Harvest Investments on Trade Missions

by Ethan Kannel
The growing importance of trade with Asia for states across the US is apparent in the recent trade missions from six states to a variety of countries around the Asia Pacific, seeking new export markets and sources of FDI.

North Dakota Showcases US Soybeans for Asian Buyers

by Melissa Newcomb
North Dakota's Northern Crops Institute often hosts international buyers and importers, inviting them to learn more about US agricultural goods and the industry. In September, NCI gave a course on soybeans to a delegates from ASEAN countries.

Washington’s Cherries Fulfill China’s Cravings

by Sarah Wang
As the largest producer of cherries in the United States, Washington has much to gain from Asia’s increased demand. In 2012, China imported 2 million boxes of cherries from Washington, with total goods imports from Washington valued at $7.87 billion.

Californian and Chinese Universities Unite Over Sustenance and Safety

by Sarah Wang
On July 26th, officials from UC Davis and Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University signed an agreement to establish the Sino-US Joint Research Center for Food Safety. UC Davis was chosen as the partner for this joint research center on food safety thanks in part to the...

Chinese Alfalfa Farmers Making Hay as the Sun Shines on Utah

by Sarah Wang
China is now the United States’ number one foreign buyer of alfalfa, with 800,000 tons shipped there in 2013 and more than 215,000 tons shipped in the first four months of 2014. In 2012, China was the third largest export market for Utah, with total exports of goods valued at $614...