US-Australia Two-Way Tourism

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Australians spend almost $7 billion in the US and Americans spend over $2.5 billion—or $9.5 billion total.

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US-Australia two-way tourism exceeds 1.6m people and is valued at almost $9.5b.

1.2 million Australians visit the US and nearly 500,000 Americans travel to Australia each year.

US visitors to Australia, by state, 2013.


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U.S. Residents Visitation of Top Asian Destinations - Outbound (2011)

There were 504,000 U.S. residents who visited Oceania in 2011.


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U.S. Visitor Spending Abroad - Outbound (2011)

U.S. visitors spent a over 2.5 billion dollars in Australia in 2011.  




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Asian Non-Resident Visitation to the U.S. - Inbound (2011)

From 2001-2011, Australian visitation to the U.S. increased by 144%.


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International Visitor Spending in the U.S. - Inbound (2011)

Australians spent almost 5 billion dollars in the U.S. in 2011, the 3rd highest amount from Asian countries.