Community Connections

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Strong Community and People-to-People Connections Sustain US-Japan Relations

A unique feature of the US-Japan relationship is the diversity and strength of community ties across both countries. The friendship between the US and Japan is symbolized by the 3,000 cherry trees gifted to Washington DC from Tokyo in 1912. On the 100th anniversary of the original gift, the US government launched the Friendship Blossoms Initiative to send a reciprocal gift of 3,000 dogwood trees to 54 Japanese cities across 20 prefectures.

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Location of Japanese Cherry Blossoms Gifted By Japan

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Location of Dogwood Trees Gifted By The US

Americans and Japanese people share high levels of trust and affinity and have helped each other in times of need. After the March 2011 Triple Disaster in Northeast Japan, the US was the largest source of private donations for relief and recovery.

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US Donations In Response To Major Disasters