US-Japan Imports and Exports

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The US and Japan Are Among Each Other’s Top 5 Trading Partners

Japan is a key US trading partner, ranking 4th for goods exports in 2014. In the same year, the US was Japan’s top trading partner. Total two-way trade is over $280 billion. The US exports $115 billion in goods and services to Japan, while Japan exports $168 billion in goods and services to the US.

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 US Total Goods and Services Trade with Japan

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 Top 5 Goods Export Destinations

Japan purchases nearly 20% of US goods and services exports among Asia Pacific countries, 2nd only after China. Japan purchases 34% of US global machinery exports, and 47% of US global auto imports are from Japan. Japan exports $36 billion in services to the United States, the largest amount of any trading partner including the European Union. The US exports about $47 billion in services to Japan, the most after Canada and the UK.

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Composition of US Goods Exports to Japan Composition of Japan Goods Exports to US


Japan Is a Top 10 Export Destination for Most US States

Every US state exports almost $100 million or more of combined goods and services to Japan annually. In 2013, 23 states exported $1.5 billion or more and 31 states exported $1 billion or more. California sends the most exports of goods and services to Japan, worth over $20 billion. Alaska sends the largest share of its global exports to Japan at 14%, followed closely by Hawai‘i at 9%.

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Goods and Services Exports to Japan 
For 19 states and the District of Columbia, Japan takes at least a 20% share of their exports to Asia.
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Top 10 States: Japan Share of Exports to Asia
37 Prefectures Export $10 Million or More to the United States

Of Japan’s 47 prefectures, 13 export at least $1 billion worth of goods to the US. Aichi Prefecture accounted for 30% of all Japan’s goods exports to the US in 2014 at a value of $44 billion. Nearly a third of the prefectures increased their exports to the US from 2013 to 2014. Exports to the US grew the fastest for Shimane Prefecture, which experienced three-fold growth in that same period.
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Prefecture Exports to the US
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Top 10 Prefectures: Exports to US per 100k Residents


Note: These figures represent the value of trade (goods) declared at by Japanese customs branches, and typically reflect location of final export. Some branches have jurisdiction over smaller prefectures with no international air or sea port; exports from prefectures reporting “no data” are combined into that of the customs branch to which it reports.