US-Japan Investment

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The US Is the Number One Destination for Japanese Investment Abroad and Largest Investor in Japan

The US is the number one destination for Japanese foreign direct investment (FDI). With $22.5 billion in new investments in the US in 2014, Japan was the 2nd largest source of new investment after the Netherlands. Japan also has the 2nd largest cumulative stock of FDI in the US after the United Kingdom, reaching over $370 billion in 2014. Japanese investment in the US has grown rapidly, more than doubling in cumulative value since 2002. Japan's total investments in the US surpass its investments in Europe or Asia.

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Japan Direct Investment Abroad and in Asia Pacific, 2013 (Stock in US$)

Japan is the 3rd most important destination for US investment in Asia after Australia and Singapore, and 12th worldwide. The US is the largest investor in Japan, with American investment accounting for 30% of all FDI stock. The US is also the largest source of new FDI for Japan, accounting for nearly 29% of all incoming investment in 2014.

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US Direct Investment Abroad and in Asia Pacific, 2013 (Stock in US$)

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US-Japan Bilateral Investment (Stock US$ Billions)

1,800 American Firms Operate Subsidiaries Across All 47 Prefectures

With over 1,800 individual American firms operating in Japan in 2015, there are more than 7,000 subsidiaries of American businesses spread across every prefecture. These firms represent a wide spectrum of industries ranging from heavy manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, to finance and food services.

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US Capital Stock Investment by Industry, 2015 (Surveyed Firms)

A survey of only 500 of these firms reported that though the majority are headquartered in Tokyo, they employ over of 200,000 people and invest $14.6 billion nationwide. The cities of Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sendai host large numbers of branch offices.

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Top 10 Prefectures: Location of US Subsidiaries

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Location of US Subsidiaries Operation in Japan, 2015

Japanese Firms Employ Over 700,000 Americans, 2nd Among Global Investors

Japan ranks 2nd after the United Kingdom as a creator of American jobs from investment. 

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US Employment Created by International Investment, 2013


At least 10,000 or more Americans are employed by Japanese companies in 20 states, and 10 states have more than 100 unique Japanese company locations. Illinois has the 3rd highest number of Japanese majorityowned companies.

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Top 10 States: Japanese Majority-Owned Firm Locations, 2013

Ohio and Indiana have the 2nd and 3rd most Americans employed by Japanese companies, at 53,100 and 41,500, respectively.

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Employees by Japanese Majority-Owned Companies, 2012