Tourism Between the US and Japan

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Japan Ranks 4th Globally and 2nd in the Asia Pacific as a Source of Visitors to the US, Spending $17 Billion 

The US is the 5th largest source of tourists to Japan and is the only non-Asia country to send more than half a million tourists each year. More than 9.4 million passengers flew between the US and Japan in 2014. Over half of the passengers traveling on direct flights to Japan either departed from Hawai‘i (34%) or California (28%). Non-stop flights connect 18 US cities across 13 states and the District of Columbia to Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo in Japan.
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Japanese visitor spending in the US. 2013
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Tourists to the US by source. 2014  Tourists to the Japan by source. 2014
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Annual number of American travelers to Japan. 2003-2014