The US and South Korea are Allies

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The 1953 Mutual Defense Treaty remains the cornerstone of the two countries' security relationship, which has guaranteed peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula for over sixty years. The United States currently maintains about 28,500 military personnel in the Republic of Korea (ROK). The Combined Forces Command, established in 1978, remains the centerpiece of the ROK-US Alliance. 
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Recent US and Korean Military Cooperation Around the World

Korea contributes both funds and personnel to peacekeeping and development assistance in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both the US and South Korea seek peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula. The vast majority of South Koreans feel that the ROK-US alliance will remain important into the future.

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Opinion Poll: Future Importance of US-ROK Alliance

Six Korean presidents have addressed joint sessions of the US Congress. This is the highest number by leaders of any Asian nation, and is only topped by addresses by Presidents of Mexico and Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

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Addresses to Joint Sessions of Congress by Presidents of South Korea